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Description: Aurasma developers describe the tool as one that "brings together the physical and virtual world." This free app is available in the iPhone format (useable on the iPad) and uses the camera, GPS, compass, accelerometer and internet connection to provide recognition of an image to merge an augmented reality action. Aurasma utilizes augmented reality which means that as a predetermined picture or image is viewed it triggers something else to happen such as the viewing of a movie or the playing of an audio file. Teachers and students are using Aurasma to scan the cover a book and trigger the playing of a video file that contains a student created book trailer or a book blessing/review. Math teachers are creating auras that can be scanned to trigger a video showing the formula used to determine the area of the object.

Before you begin you will want to prepare one item:
Create a video with the built-in video camera on your iPad and save it to the camera roll, or download/save a video/audio file you want to play to your iPad camera roll/Photos. I sometimes download a video file on my computer an transfer it to my iPad via iPhoto or iTunes. It doesn’t matter how you do it, but you will need a video/audio file to use for your project. An example would be filming a student talking about a book they read with the iPad video camera.

Steps to Begin Using Aurasma:
Step #1: Download the Aurasma App from this website: or at the iTunes store:

Step #2: Open the “Aurasma” app on your device. You may be prompted to set-up an account.

Step #3: Tap the Aurasma icon “A” located at the bottom center of your screen to access the main menu. (see at left)

Step #4: A tabbed prompt window will appear with a number of options. You may be prompted to set-up an account. Tap the Aurasma icon “A” located at the bottom center of your screen to access the main menu.

Step #5: Tap the “+” icon in the prompt window to select the video overlay you want to play when your trigger image comes in contact with the camera. (you need to have the video on your iPad in the camera roll to select it

Step #6: Select “Device” from the tabs on your device and then the purple “+” square. You will
be prompted to select your pre-recorded/downloaded video from the photo album or the web site blinkx (I haven’t used this before) or to record the video using the camera. It is much easier to use a video in your photo album.

Step #7: Once you select your video clip by tapping “use” the video will be compressed for use. Name the overlay and tap the finish button.

Step #8: Create an Aura for your overlay. You will be prompted to create an Aura—Tap OK and line up the image in the rectangular outline and snap the picture using the camera icon. (see at left)

Step #9: Drag your video clip to the location you would like it to appear on the aura/picture and then tap the “>” icon on your
device. Name the created Aurasma file and decide if you want it to be Private (only you or the user of your iPad can view/use) or Public (others can use). Lastly, tap the Finish button.

Step #10: Try It! Line up your trigger (the image your put in the rectangular outline in Step #7) and you should see the video overlay play like magic.

If you want to move beyond an Aura on your iPad and create an aura that is viewable from multiple devices that subscribe to your channel—try using the web site: