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Link to Web Site: Awesome Highlighter

Description: This web tool allows users to highlight text on web pages and then gives a small link to the highlighted page. This tool works well for highlighting important information on a web page and for completing research.


Getting Started:

  1. Copy the following web address:
  2. Then go to Awesome Highlighter (opens in a new tab).
  3. Paste the address from step 1 into the the text box on the page and click "highlight".
  4. Highlight or make digital notes about mis-information on the page.
  5. Click "DONE" when you are finished. You will get a URL that links to your highlighted page.
  6. Copy the address and email it to
  7. We'll review the results together.

Curriculum Uses For this Tool:

  1. To show others the important part of an article or website
  2. Reduce confusion about a sent link
  3. Teach critical reading by highlighting important facts on a website
  4. Save the parts of the pages a student finds interesting
  5. Document resources

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