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iTunes U. The new world library.

iTunes U is one of the largest and fastest-growing sources of free educational content, with more than 100,000 lectures, presentations, videos, readings, and podcasts from all over the world. It’s the easiest way to put information into the hands of students. Students go to iTunes — which they do all the time anyway — select iTunes U, find the courses and podcasts they want, and download them to their Mac computers or PCs. Then they can sync to an iPod or iPhone and take the content with them. Students can watch Picasso at work in his studio, tour archaeological sites, or study the sound of heart murmurs. You can even assign audio and video content from museums, universities, cultural institutions, and public television stations that post to iTunes U.
Many colleges and universities create their own iTunes U sites. Some instructors podcast their lectures on iTunes U right after class. That way, students can review them anytime. Institutions can make their sites public to share their knowledge with learners around the world. iTunes U is rapidly becoming an important and valuable way to raise your school’s profile and stay competitive in recruiting the best and brightest students.

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From Dan Senstock of Apple Computer
I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to the Nebraska
Department of Education. They are they first State Dept. of Education
in the United States to become an AATCE (Apple Authorized Training
Center for Education) for Final Cut Pro. This means that they are now
able to train educators all over the state of NE to become Final Cut
Certified, which ultimately means that teachers can then take that End
User Certification back to their own schools, teach the curriculum to
students, get the students certified as well and in the Conceptual
Age, provide students with a rather larger advantage in both moving
into Higher Ed and the workforce.

More information on the certification program for students and
educators can be found at:





Previously reserved just for college and university material, iTunes U is now opening its doors to content suitable for students between kindergarten and grade 12 as well as their parents and teachers.

Like the post-secondary material, the iTunes material for K-12 includes audio and video podcasts as well as text that gives students additional course material and adults more information about school programs.

iTunesU and NDE