Reasons for use

  • Create web sites easily with all the conveniences of other iLife applications.
  • Include many elements such as photos, videos, audio, blogs, and more.
  • Teacher Webpage with information for students and parents (contact info, homework, important links, class documents, etc)
  • A different way to do a "slideshow" or any type of presentation.
  • Synthesizing information taught in class, read from the textbook, researched online, gathered personally, etc.
  • Independent reading projects / book reports.
  • Present information with real world images and music to make it more relevant and authentic.
  • Digital storytelling.

Ease of use

  • Once the user learns the basics of adding new pages and elements, VERY easy.
  • Drag and drop convenience.
  • Easy to publish with either a MobileMe account or FTP.
  • All teachers in WSD can publish to our TeacherPages server FOR FREE - no need for a MobileMe account! Follow the directions linked below!


Getting Started with iWeb '09 Video

Using iWeb and Backing Up iWeb Files

external image iweb.jpg
external image iweb.jpg


"iWeb is a personal web publishing application that makes it easy to create and publish great-looking websites with content ranging from text and photos to blogs and podcasts.
iWeb uses the iLife Media Browser to integrate with other iLife applications. In one simple step you can add photos and albums from iPhoto, movies and video podcasts from iMovie, and even links to your favorite songs from iTunes." Then you can publish your site on the HCPSS server using FETCH!

Take the FREE iLife Tutorial!

Now that you've published your iWeb site...need to back it up or change computers?

Back Up Your iWeb Sites

A lot of you have been creating iWeb files. It is not obvious where iWeb stores your files in case you want to move them or create a backup. I found a movie online that demonstrates backing up your iWeb files.


just go to Home > Library > Application Support > iWeb. The file named "Domain" holds all your iweb files. Copy that file to a backup device (such as a cd or external drive). If you want to move your iWeb files, open iWeb on the "new" computer and replace the domain file with your copied file.