Opening Session

2 Million Minutes Video

21st Century Skills Framework

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Skills Maps
Geography Map
Science Map
English Map
Social Studies

ICT Literacy Maps:

ESU#3 Resoures pages

Closing Video..
Are they Ready?

21st Century Skill as they apply to staff development


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21st Century Skills Overview Opening Schedule

Mark D. Introduction
Video 2 million minutes Pam Krambeck - ESU#3
Web site on 21st Century skills ICT Literacy Maps, site, etc. --Linda peters ESU#3
Curricular Area Wikispace
  • Social Studies Integration Resources Jeff Ingraham ESU#3
  • Math Integration Resources Pam Krambeck ESU#3
  • Language Arts Integration Resources Linda peters ESU#3
Are They Ready Video Jeff Ingraham ESU#3
Closing remarks by Dr. Jane Stavem Superintendent