Session: "So I Have a Classroom Projector--Now What?"


Ideas and Links Presented:

1. On Line Stop Watch or Timer:

2. Quiz/Test Instructions (in MS Word)
  • Highlight key phrases (highlighter in the standard toolbar of MS Word)
  • Peer editing of documents: View-->toolbar-->Reviewing
  • Student Feedback-->add an autoshape (view-->toolbar-->drawing) then control click-->add text

3. Graphic Organizer
  • Use with autoshapes-->control click to add text (see #2 above)
  • Use of Inspiration or Kidspiration

4. Interactive Web Sites:

5. Web Quest:

6. Timeliners:

7. Virtual Field Trips:

8. Use as a Document Camera:
  • Connect camcorder to projector with Video-In Ports
  • Red/White/Yellow (red & white are audio/yellow is video)
  • You may need to change your input on the projector

9. Math Manipulatives:

10. Utilize Video Clips
11. Utilize Hippocampus Curriculum Resources:

12. Image Libraries:

13. Utilizing Existing Software
  • Smart Notebook Software
  • MS Word Editing features
  • PowerPoint
  • Items that come with textbooks
  • Little Geometry–

14. Utilize Thinkfinity*

15. Jeopardy Games:

16. On Line Stories/Poetry
17. Wordle Word Clouds
18. Maps, Charts & Graphs:

19. **Take advantage of the visuals in Power Media Plus

20. Google Presenter:**

21. Slide Share