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"You've Got To Be Kidding!" (problem solving activity)
About Face (feelings)
University of Illinois
Out on a Limb
KidsHealth Growing Up
Kids Can Do Interactive site with resources for Elementary Counselors
McGruff Fun stories and adventures about child safety; starring McGruff (K-3)
Fema For Kids How to Be prepared for disasters
Drug Awareness: Freevibe

Career Resources:* 8th Grade Careers, W. Allen, Sweetwater City Schools

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Strategies for Taking Standardized Tests
Behavior Management
Developing Smart Study Skills, Download
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Test Taking StrategiesDownload
Decision Making Download
Decision Making Skills Download
Character Counts Download
Friendship Download
Career Choices Download
Study Skills
Career Exploration, Download
Bullying Download,
The TattleTale, Download
Counselor's Jeopardy Download
The Class Clown, Download
I Don't Care, Download
Shelby County Protech Teacher's PowerPoint Presentations for Download
Stacking the Deck, Your Professional Image Keys to Success

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Misc related Sites The Annie E. Casey Foundation for Children is a private charitable organization dedicated to helping build better futures for disadvantaged children in the U.S. The AECF sponsors and supports the annual Kids Count census of the status of American Children. Their site is a forum for issues affecting our most vulnerable children.

**Adolescence Directory On-Line (ADOL)** is an electronic guide to information on adolescent issues. It is a service of the Center for Adolescent Studies at Indiana University. Educators, counselors, parents, researchers, health practitioners, and teens can use ADOL to find Web resources for these topics: conflict and violence, mental health, health risks for teens, and links to counselor resources.

America’s Promise is the Alliance for Youth led by General Colin Powell, is dedicated to mobilizing individuals, groups and organizations from every part of American life, to build and strengthen the character and competence of our youth.

ASCA (American School Counselor Association) allows the reader to search resources suggested by school counselors.

College Board Online features information and on-line registration for the SAT, SAT II, and the College Scholarship Service Financial Aid Profile®, a free on-line College Search, and an in-depth look at the testing services, workshops and other resources just for school counselors. The College Board Online Internet site is maintained by the College Entrance Examination Board (the "College Board") and the Educational Testing Service ("ETS") as a service to the Internet Community.

College & Career Information for Counselors created by Martha Wiseman, school counselor at Carl Sandburg HS in Cook Co., IL is a resource page that contains a number of links not found together elsewhere. The site includes career planning information, college and scholarship links, study skills, and a collection of resources for college bound athletes.

Council for Exceptional Children contains news and information about special education and gifted education, events, training and job links for educators.

CounselorNet is a World Wide Web site at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh which indexes materials useful for counselors in schools, agencies, and colleges. The site also provides a good list of list serves for counselors, e-mail mentors for beginning counselors and counseling students, and counseling resources on the Web Including several sites for counseling theories.

GED is maintained by the American Council on Education, Washington, DC, that contains information about the General Educational Development tests for high school graduation equivalency, including score scales, statistics, and FAQ.

National PTA Program Areas provides a number of programs of interest to parents and educators, including Education, Arts, Health and Safety, Leadership and Awards Programs. This site provides the links.

Elementary Guidance Counselors explains the duties of an elementary school guidance counselor, the guidance counselor's training, and the benefits of providing an elementary school guidance counselor.

Tips and Strategies for Guidance Counselors has worksheets, lesson plans, strategies, and links for guidance counselors and teachers.

Ten Ways to Get Along Better in School is a survival guide for learning disabled students provides suggestions and strategies for helping these students fit in with their peers.

Bureau for At Risk Youth lists innovative guidance tools along with resources that help today's youth cope with difficult issues that face them.

Guidance Counselor's Resources has a listing of websites that are useful resources for the school guidance counselor.

You Can Handle Them All is a comprehensive guide to managing a long list of disruptive classroom behaviors. For each behavior, the site provides behavior examples, effects on other students, and suggestions on how teachers should and should not respond to these behaviors.

Stopping Unwanted Behaviors gives practical advice on setting limits, preventing discipline problems, and stopping unwanted behaviors.

Works4Me Tips Library: Behavior Control provides real tips and solutions from those "in the trenches." Ideas for common behavior problems such as time on task, and noise level.

A Resource Guide to Bullying is a book list of effective stories and resources for the subject of bullying.

Are You With It? is an article that describes several different classroom management techniques such as ripple effect and "with-it-ness."

Behavior Report is a useful behavior form all ready to go. Spaces are provided for students to identify the broken rules and to plan for future behavior.

Positive Discipline gives methods of discipline for ages K-6. Information focuses on positive discipline.

Precorrection is an article that describes the concept of "precorrection." A proactive approach to staying one step ahead in classroom management.

Rapport With and Knowledge of Students shows how having rapport with your students can be helpful in creating a successful classroom environment

Reach for the Stars Getting Parents on Your Side details pointers to help you get and keep parents working with you for the benefit of the students.

Strategies for teaching children with behavior disorders gives several short, practical lists on ways to deal with different behavior disorders in the classroom.

The Behavior Home Page is a forum from the state of Kentucky that can help teachers with students who have challenging behaviors. Information of why these behaviors occur, as well as information about handling behaviors is included.

What is a Functional Assessment? describes the steps and purposes of a functional assessment, used to help intervene with behavior problems.

Parent Conferences shares considerations and a list of issues to consider before you begin parent conferences.

EdWeb is written and produced by Andy Carvin, Digital Divide Network, the purpose of this hyperbook is to explore the worlds of educational reform and information technology. With EdWeb, you can hunt down on-line educational resources around the world, learn about trends in education policy and information infrastructure development, examine success stories of computers in the classroom, and much, much more. EdWeb is a dynamic work-in-progress, and numerous changes and
additions occur on a regular basis

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) makes hundreds of Internet-based education resources supported by agencies across the U.S. Federal government easier to find. Search the resources by keyword, or see them listed by subject, or, for an overview of what's here, use the site map.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a general education resource, published by Kathleen Schrock, MLS, Technology Coordinator, Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District, is a comprehensive site with researched links to numerous education/educational web sites, Internet resources, and PowerPoint® presentations on using technology.

PedagoNet offers an interactive educational resource exchange where educators can post and obtain learning materials. Also an educator chat, links to education jobs, and other resources.

webTeacher Tutorial, sponsored by National Cable Television Association and Tech Corps , is a self-paced Internet Tutorial that puts both basic and in-depth information about the World Wide Web at your fingertips. E-mail, video conferencing, chat rooms, Web page design, Internet safety, curriculum searches - you choose the topic you, you choose your own pace, and webTeacher guides you through the information. Then, because webTeacher is an interactive guide, you get to put your new knowledge to work immediately through the online exercises and activities.

ACT, Inc: Information for Life's Transitions allows students to register on-line for the ACT, to search for colleges, to apply to colleges on-line, and to estimate financial aid, all with the C3 Apply. This site is also the home of the Work Keys Assessment System.

College Board Online features information and on-line registration for the SAT, SAT II, and the College Scholarship Service Financial Aid Profile, a free on-line College Search, and an in-depth look at the testing services, workshops and other resources just for school counselors.

CollegeNet is a commercial site with college searches, scholarship searches, on-line college applications, and information about programs and scholarships at NCAA schools for athletes.

The Education and Career Center (Peterson's, Inc.) brings together, at one central address, consistently organized information about educational opportunities at all levels, and gives individuals the ability to search Peterson's databases as well as to request more information, apply, and interact in other ways with faculty and administrators at educational institutions.

FastWeb is a FREE online scholarship search where students can set up a personalized profile matching their specific skills, abilities, and interests to FastWEB's database of over 375,000 scholarships, and get immediate results on-line.

The Financial Aid Information Page is a huge, comprehensive, and FREE site was created by Mark Kantrowitz, author of The Prentice Hall Guide to Scholarships and Fellowships for Math and Science Students, and is sponsored by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA).

Kaplan Educational Centers is a commercial site provides students with information on important tests such as the SAT , LSAT, GMAT, and GRE, financial aid information, as well as a career center with job tips.

Princeton Review shares information about admissions and financial aid, this site features an on-line college matchmaker for students, snapshot information on specific schools, and more. Check out the tester for accurate, full-length simulations of computerized exams like the GMAT and GRE or get practice for pencil-and-paper tests like the SAT.

U.S. Department of Education provides the breaking news on the national education front, and also has a searchable ERIC Digests, education statistics (NCES), Federal Student Financial Assistance, FAFSA on the Web, IDEA '97, and more. gives college rankings by U.S. News magazine, articles, personalized college searches, online chats, financial aid, and career information.

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