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iPods, iPod Touch and iPhones in Education


iPhone Orchestra news
Stanford Mobile Phone Orchestra (MoPhO)

"do mobile phones dream of electric orchestras?"




How could we possibly use these in Education?

Hopefully, with a bit of help from some iPod savvy educational enthusiasts we will find out. So please feel free to add to the discussion. Anybody who would like to have permission to add to this wiki please email Jacqui Sharp

First of all 'What is the difference between an iPhone and an iPod Touch?'
There are four main differences, one has a phone, a camera, external speaker and Bluetooth wireless capability and the other
The iPod Touch can do anything the iPhone can do as long as it has access to a 'Wireless Network' (except for phone calls,
taking photos and listening to external speakers).
You do have a little more flexibility with the iPhone as you can use it anywhere you can get a cellphone signal.

What can iPods do?
The Classic plays music, audiobooks and Podcasts. The video iPod does all the previous as well as playing Videos, games and stores photos that can be played as slideshows. The latest Nanos play music, audiobooks, podcasts, games, stores photos, and 'small' movies (there is not much storage space 16 gig is the biggest).

There are so many accessories out there that can extend the capabilities of even your old iPods and Nanos. How about using them for voice recorders, or connecting to stereo systems to play music. Connect your video iPod, iTouch or iPhone to the TV to play movies.Turn them into Karaoke machines.